Rama Pemmaraju Rao, M.D.

Dallas, Texas

Dear Clients,

Dr. Rama's Frisco and Arlington offices are now both closed as of July 18, 2014. Thirty day notices and release of information forms were sent to all clients in his system.

He has enjoyed working with each and every one during this phase of his practice in the DFW area and wishes the best to all on their unique healing journeys.

He will remain in the DFW area as a base and looks forward to doing some travel work as well as time for creative contemplation and planning as he will now integrate and assemble many of his skills learned over the years to re-group and reform a new, unique type of practice in Health, Healing, Spirituality, Psychiatry and Medicine----

Communication is no longer available by phone. Any correspondence should be directed to the address below.

Patient record requests will take thirty to forty five days to mail. They can be requested at this contact address only:

Rama Pemmaraju Rao, MD
3839 McKinney Ave, Suite 155 
Slot 529
Dallas, Texas 75204

Please DO NOT send correspondence to the original Frisco and Arlington offices but only to the box number address above.

Thank you.