Awakening the Heart,


Transforming the Mind,

and Honoring the Body,

To Rediscover Spirit Within

I am so pleased to offer this website. It is a personal statement about some of my hobbies and interests and expresses many angles of my lifelong vision called The Shri Aurora Path: A Way and Vision  to remind humanity and myself that Enlightenment is within us and that our health on all levels is an integral Spiritual part of our enlightening journey.


Dr. Rao closed his original practice in July of 2017.  He is currently available through his travel inpatient work. Want to know more about him?

An Enlightened Medicine Paradigm

HOLISTIC PHYSICIAN’S OFFICE – The holistic physician office can be a cornucopia of interesting interactions, ideas, methods, interventions, practices and overall care. It can actually be a sacred environment where a client can feel safe, understood, and connected.

A Cornucopia of Healing Services

ART STUDIO – Why not have an art studio with full expression of the creative arts? Any and all possibilities exist in such an atmosphere. Feelings, issues, past problems, unresolved situations can all be addressed in art therapy and art expression.

All Part of the Spiritual Health Campus

THE KITCHEN – The new holistic model incorporates the maxim that we are what we eat and that food is medicine. This means people have the opportunity for hands on experience to learn how to cook holistic vegan foods. What better setting for socialization and skill building than a clinic.


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