About Dr. Rama

Rama Pemmaraju Rao, MD

Dr. Rama is a physician, evolving humanitarian, teacher (by being a perpetual student), creative artist and inspirational guide.

He is board certified in Child Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry as well as the newer and also evolving American Board of Holistic Medicine.  He has board re-certification currently pending in Internal Medicine.  Though Dr. Rao closed his original practice in July of 2017, he is currently available through his travel inpatient work. 

Dr. Rama has been inspired throughout his life in many ways to the conscious journey of the awakened heart and expanded mind to rediscover Spirit within.  He has learned and strives for a renaissance of the heart in health, healing, Spirituality and Medicine, in that the entire, vast field, despite diversity of method and theory, has the opportunity to remember that the original purpose of Medicine is to remember and rekindle the return of the  “Divine Feminine” to health and healing.  Read more about his ideas for the new Enlightened Medicine Paradigm on this website.

The return to this original foundation of unconditional love is the core of Enlightened Medicine and that its principles of cure and healing are based in Spiritual power that fuels love, compassion, understanding, creativity, mercy, empathy and all other Higher Self qualities.  The return of the Divine Feminine is the return to the softer side of emotions, connection with Nature and her messages and secrets along with nurturing and  intuition that has been lost in today’s patriarchal Medicine that is based on hard facts, regimented treatments,  fear, domination, and rigid control.

This Universal Spirituality based in unconditional love is the source for the ultimate prevention as well as the alleviation of the core disease of suffering and unhappiness, whether one treats with conventional or other natural forms of Medicine.

Over time, he has studied and has worked with his medical teachers in all areas of health along with many meditation masters and inspiring guides that have inspired him to begin a focus and path to create a new paradigm of enlightened Medicine and Psychiatry.  With humor, experience, creativity, love, and knowledge, he hopes to awaken a remembrance that at the heart of Medicine is the idea and practice that conscious enlightenment, (the ever expanding heart and mind), heals body and that a sound body fosters conscious enlightenment.  This dance between healthy body and expanding, positive consciousness in the Light– is the balanced play of optimal health and well being. 

Who I Am

I can say that I am perpetual student of life and living and in this respect I am attempting to be my own “Guru” by becoming the best disciple of life as I can. I am a work in progress like all of us. I am here to assist in large and small ways in the arena of health, healing Spirituality, and Medicine and to bring back a renaissance of Creativity into Medicine and Spirituality. I feel that through ever awakening creativity, perhaps partially sleeping within us we have the ability to attain anything and everything we desire.

I describe myself as creative humorous, passionate, silly yet serious, sensitive, studious but fun loving.

My heart has been drenched by the rain of Grace to help me understand myself and thus the issues that face us in today’s modern world through the auspices of Medicine, Psychiatry, Holistic Health, and Mystical awakening and unfolding.

My mind has been transforming by the cool moonbeams of Grace so that I have learned and am still learning to balance heart and mind —to be present in dealing with our present day Earth experiences to foster harmony good wishes and blessings to all.

I have been constantly in evolution since I was a child hit by any all inner and outer challenges that face many in my personal and professional life. Through Divine Guidance I feel although at times it has been beyond challenging I have always been given what I need at any given moment to heal, grow, transform, cope and of course manifest as much of Divine self as I can at any given time.

This preparation which never ends of course has brought me to a place where I am attempting to take all of what I have learned and continue to learn and have experienced and offer it back to humanity through simple holistic along with medical suggestions. unique group experiences and through unique meditations create an atmosphere of sustained healing and enlightenment in individuals ready to receive.

I am here to help any and all who have issues in dealing with all of the myriad complexities as well as joys of life and living.

The content of what someone is going through I have learned is only one aspect of our life. What is more salient I find is the process by which one “makes quilts as life gives us scraps”: piecing together a unique positive tapestry of learning growth, healing and understanding —as we stitch the course of our lives. This quilt becomes the unique pattern of our own enlightenment and empowerment. It is a quilt that has no beginning nor end.


I have been a painter since I was a child.  I had a very unique art teacher in San Antonio, named Dolly Bruce for many years.  My brother and sister and I took lessons from her for years out in the area near Boerne.  She was quite a character and a number of her students still paint in that area –I recently connected to them after all these years.  Dolly was always encouraging.  Over years my art has popped out here and there but again the divine softer side of me was always buried by other seemingly more masculine tasks.  That of course was all in my head.  With the return of the goddess in my life through countless interventions and practices I am finally heading down the artistic path so long delayed.  And so I have placed samples of my Art online on this website. 

I plan to use every possible modality of art in my groups and programs because I fundamentally believe it is the piece missing in today’s health care.  It is the missing link —the evolutionary missing link that is creating more disease because people are not able to express their emotions in healthy ways.  Through art, what cannot be sometimes spoken or even thought of is made manifest.  Art is a language based in abstraction.  It is the language of the Soul.  Real enlightenment comes through Art —it seems so basic but yet –look how easily schools, hospitals and other places devalue and curtail funding for the arts and yet spend trillions on technology, money-making procedures.  All of these are important but nothing can truly —-fully happen without the creative process and the validation of it.  Doctors, health care providers, –clients and humanity at large will always be scratching their heads—-until they see that healing is not just mechanical.  There is an unseen miraculous power, known as the divine feminine—that goes beyond mind.  This divine feminine, (in one form is Art—) and many other softer facets of creative healing that cannot be explained yet can produce miraculous results.  And so, one aspiration of mine is to see to it that this Grace has its chance to show such miracles within the healing field through the auspices of the feminine creative.



In Latin, Ventrilo means “from the belly”, and hence it is also related to the word Ventral…meaning below or the ventral part of our body as in Medicine.

I have always been a Ventriloquist, but for myriad reasons, this has been buried deep under years of other issues. I am creating a renaissance now with my dummy friends:  Mooney Malone, Andrew and a new figure being made by the world- renowned artist Tim Selberg of Selberg studios. 

As one gets to know me they will understand how my own talents, strengths and all were long buried but due to many facets of spiritual awakening, my own therapy journey, at last these talents are coming back.  So, my lifelong dream is to use my ventriloquist skills in my groups, programs, transmissions of energy, love and light and to incorporate this unique area as an integral part of the arts that are important to me.  Stay tuned and if people come to groups it will be fun to watch it all unfold!