The Vision

I can say that I am here to create and unfold a renaissance in health, healing medicine and Spirituality—through the Renaissance of the Heart. By renaissance, I mean a rebirth, recollection and remembrance of the power of love, compassion, and healing aspects of health and medicine that I find have been lost and forgotten in today’s world.  This love I call the return of the divine feminine.  It is the feminine, gentle, caring considerate aspects of health that seem glossed over and bypassed by today’s pressures that include financial, procedural and mechanical.  It is the part of mind and heart that rather than merely thinks to operate it is the area that operates to FEEL.

heart paintingThe only thing that will benefit this planet and of course ourselves over time as we enter a new golden age is the power of unconditional love; something already within us and all around us but its feeling and experience is buried under the myriad issues in our outer and inner worlds that makes us forget this salient love.

Divine inner unconditional love that is manifested in our outer world, to me, is the Divine essence itself.  This love is filled with light, wisdom intelligence and all else.  And it is the core of our optimal health as well as our Spirituality—so linked to health and Self.

I feel after years of thinking, feeling, experiencing through learning, training, absorbing, practicing, studying and all, I can at least begin somewhere in a new phase of career and that is to offer more of the softer side of Medicine to aid in health and healing.

Although all aspects of Medicine are important including the patriarchal energy of rote diagnosis, treatment, testing, and testimony, I feel that this area of the divine feminine in Medicine is where I excel.

Long buried and forgotten even by myself but never extinguished, I am just at a place in the near future to offer something different and expanded.  I think what can happen from this point through me and for others is limitless but I want to share what I know and what I am about in a different way.  I feel that it is time to offer small intimate groups –that I call experientials and immersions that will offer and explain all that I am referring to.

I think I will do best in the sharing of parable, anecdote, experiential testimony, historical perspective and futuristic speculations, short ventriloquist skits, poems and prose, art of all kinds, music, empathic therapy, simple holistic suggestions, cookery along with the kind of simple spiritual practices I have felt useful along with a cornucopia of other ways to help others understand the notion that health is an actual spiritual practice. 

Health is our most sacred and precious resource. Its meaning and implication is endless and always expanding just like the word  “GOD”—- Everything else is secondary in my view.  Health is the Divine.  I grow as others grow and expand as it always a two- way infinity expansion between those who give and receive and vice versa.

Although I am working still conventionally over many years (I am currently doing travel inpatient Hospital work since July 2014 after closing all practices in Dallas at that time) I feel the time is coming to slowly introduce my thoughts, ideas, feelings, healings and all into a small group setting. 

My way is different in that it will not necessarily be a set of booklets, memorizations, steps, methods, rigid time frames goals and agendas and all, but rather; a co-creative process in each group inculcating intuition with heart and right brain to understand and experience what is needed within each group dynamic. 

A basic theme will be present that will expand within the dynamic moment.  Enlightened inspiration, healing, answers, solutions, forgiveness, insights, intense feelings, closures, openings and all will thus occur in the dynamic moment—often when our conscious minds least expect it. 

It is because the groups and experientials I create will invoke the power of unseen Grace.  It is this benevolent grace of the creative original “Source” that truly makes the impossible possible.  Our minds cannot fathom its mysteries but our hearts indeed know.  When we are in touch with our hearts even for a few seconds we realize this.  Thus, these groups will appeal to Grace to allow our emotion, feeling, and intuition to flow in order to heal mind and other aspects of ourselves.  It is an inculcation of re weaving all of us into the quilt of our dreams.  We are here to make quilts as life gives us seeming scraps…….

And for too many eons, egoistic, unchecked, rampant Mind, left brain, harsh patriarchy, rigid concepts and all based in fear have ruled our health and healing and our planet for that matter.  It is time to soothe, console, befriend, expand and transform the mind filled with fear with the reassurance of the awakening heart of faith– fueled by unseen grace that is experienced in these groups to afford optimal health and healing.  This is a concept and experience that will return to today’s Modern health care as we all remember that divine Grace and unconditional love are one and the same and the most potent force in the entire Universe.

And so, my life vision is to take these intimate groups and their content and feeling and share it with larger groups as the divine guides.  In this way, I would like to manifest what is known as the Aurora Path:  a path of divine light, love and understanding that cherishes the divine feminine, to balance with the divine masculine.  And in turn, create the deep healing that is necessary in remembrance of our own inner love and heart.  All of these sacred tasks I feel can occur within the auspices of health as we awaken to the notion that our own health and that of a health atmosphere is one that awakens Spirit and love within to foster physical healing along with all healing of all levels of our inner and outer being.

In this process, we truly realize that we have honored body, transformed mind, awakened heart to rediscover the Spirit within, while living in this world itself.  What an enhanced earthly experience we can then have —and all the benefits that brings along the way on this never -ending journey.

Dr. Rama Pemmaraju Rao MD continues to work in conventional medicine through inpatient travel work.  This website represent some his ideas and inspiration for near future projects and services.