The Action

What do I do best?  I am at my best when I actually do nothing.  This may seem funny but really, I am at my best when I allow rather than orchestrate.  In this phase of life, I would like to assist and serve in a way that allows myself and others to just be who they are.  I would like to foster a harmony and simple elegance in joining Medicine, Health, Healing, Spirituality and Creativity.

Immersion and Experiential Groups

Over many years I have gathered myriad facets of experiences, opinions, knowledge, ideas, inspiration, thoughts, and feelings and at this point would like to share these in small immersion and experiential groups. (See examples below.)

I think I am at my best when I focus on the softer side of Medicine.  While, facts, figures, data, lab work, and many other areas are very important and must always be present, I have come to realize that I excel and have always excelled in bringing the “Divine Feminine” into health and Medicine.

Divine FeminineThis means bringing in the gentler side of healing, understanding and love into the arena of health.  It means taking the time to clarify, suggest and to offer simple holistic suggestions.  It means giving time for people to express how they feel and to clarify their emotions while at the same time finding the Grace to move beyond sorrow into shine.

I would like to foster the energy of unconditional love in these groups and offer simple education on many topics in conventional health, holism and Spirituality.  I want these to grow into great weekend immersions to provide a little oasis of support and understanding that people can feel and also come back to a campus to continue to grow and practice what they have felt and learned.

What I do best is offer my own experience, strength, hope and aspiration with others and try to speak and share from experience.  These groups I would like to really develop creativity in each person—where their joy is that would foster their own healing, despite any and all psychiatric or medical problem.

And so many facets will be used:  art, music, visual, ventriloquism, humor, hobbies, crafts—with a therapy twist of course— unique simple Yoga practice along with unique energy healing as well. It is all to foster a sense of awakening and unfolding to get people to wake up to the notion that health is a Spiritual practice and to really feel this so that they can also expand to see how it is so seemingly missing in today’s health delivery.  It is also designed to empower to develop their own idea and energy signature on what they feel is their own Creative God—rather than adhering only to popular belief or not:  something born out of their own unique ray of light.

Immersion and Experiential Group Themes

Here are a few of many types of themes I would like to incorporate in the Immersion and Experiential Groups

  • Support and Inspiration for issues in childhood and Adult weight management
  • Kundalini and Spiritual Awakening Support
  • Dealing with Co-Dependency and how to embrace and transcend this state of being
  • Suggestions, support, Empathy, and Assistance with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
  • Universal Understanding of Health, Healing, Spirituality and Medicine
  • Support for Self Esteem in Challenge
  • Support for Physical, Emotional, and Sexual —Misuse
  • Giving and Receiving Pure Empathy, Compassion, Kindness and Understanding
  • Creative Creativity—Awakening and Unfolding Groups
  • Pure Enlightenment Experiential Immersions
  • Happiness, Joy and Laughter
  • Medical Experience, Knowledge and Guidance
  • Fullness and Wholeness
  • Awareness, Solution and Resolution and Evolution
  • Renaissance of the Heart Groups

More Thoughts…

After many years of untold labor, hardship, toil, joy, contemplation, study, practice, imbibing, reflection, and all, I think my forte will rest with my immersion and experientials that I would like to hold in an intimate group format that will lead to half day, one day and two-day programs.  Eventually these experientials will lead to an immersion in what I call Aurora—Light Immersion. 

These unique immersions and experientials will gradually allow me to help awaken and unfold Light energy in others (as my own abilities expand) — but what makes the Aurora Path unique is that this awakening –will allow one to realize their own power—it ignites one’s own unique signature.  The person does not “borrow” someone else’s energy.  They will feel their own.  Every other awakening path that I am aware of that one attends, a person will feel the unique energy signature —of that particularly gifted mentor. 

These new immersions and experientials —will start small and expand and include simple holistic suggestions for health and healing, psycho and medical education in general, very interesting, creative, and humorous —and enlivening activities that are all designed to refresh, rejuvenate and reflect upon on life and living. No two groups will be alike.  They will create an atmosphere of sacredness and protection designed to allow and foster one’s own intention and benefit and to foster the notion that health is wealth and that true wealth is enlightenment.

More Thoughts on What I Do Best

I am very grateful (“great” ful) for every experience I have had in life and living in this lifetime.  And I have had untold experiences in spirituality, medicine, health, family, and myriad other activities.  I have lived through positive and negative and everything in between. 

And so, at this juncture, I feel I will gradually move into full time my sharing of all that I have learned, learn and will hope to learn, as it never ends.  I see myself as a perpetual student who shares and cares rather than a Dr. “know it all”–who is an authoritarian figure.  I am here to love and be loved in these groups and also have a vital message to deliver to others:  and that is no matter who we are –we are important because we exist as the Divine.  And in this realization all things are possible.  I am here to foster positivity as a choice and to also share what I have learned from my own ups and downs.  My way is not rigid authority and control.  It is the way of facilitator and supporter.  In this way we all learn –as I am well aware that the more “enlightened” I become, the more I realize how imperfect and human I really am.  Maybe this will be my unique contribution to the world.  To value perfection in imperfection and honor the imperfect by what comes through as ‘perfect’—-in the form of mine and others gifts, talents and abilities and all as we together our own health as a deep spiritual practice and in doing so we thus bring out our latent and hidden talents that we perhaps were not aware of before or that we only expand and grow with what we do know.   To me, this is real health and healing.  Honoring the Divine Feminine through the process of creativity alongside respecting the stature of the Divine Masculine that is our rational mindful side as well. 

Regardless, I look forward to starting these groups mainly for fun and inspiration when there is the right need and timing.

The Shri Aurora Path Light Experiential and Immersion

I feel as these small groups build, I will be able to gain the increasing ability to offer the Shri Aurora Path Light Immersion and Experiential.

In these sacred sessions, I feel soon guided to offer a direct immersion in this energy signature of vibrational Medicine and healing that I call the Aurora Light.  This unique light will allow one to really discover their own innate creativity and love.  I have been feeling that this Auroral Light will allow one to heal anything and everything in a step wise way and allow people to take back a satisfaction and a knowing of what their own divine purpose is upon this great planet. 

More to come on this kind of wonderfully guided broad range level of experience and healing.