Ocean of Consciousness: The 756 Names, Qualities and Attributes of Mirabai Devi

Mirabai Devi is a deep and profound teacher, who is an embodiment of the Divine Mother. She holds various healing and enlightening aspects of the infinite cosmic feminine principle to bring her power, talents, and gifts to global humanity. She is one of the original female mentors and guides of Dr. Rama Pemmaraju Rao, who in working with her for a time, has been inspired to channel these 756 names, attributes, qualities, and descriptions about her Higher Self-essence. In this fascinating book of 756 lines (108 lines for each of our 7 energy centers), Dr. Rama eloquently writes in a unique form of fused poetry/prose about profound areas of truth, healing, awakening, and enlightenment Mirabai and other Divine Mothers throughout the centuries harness into their own system to serve as instruments to send their love, blessings, spiritual power, and Grace to help uplift humanity on all levels. It is all a sacred and deep process where there is no beginning and no end to understanding the greatest mysteries of Spirit and Source. Enjoy this powerful work that ultimately brings about our own remembrance of our Higher Self. Although tailored by her Heavenly guides to describe her and her mission, these descriptions also pave the way to remember each and every one of us is also the essence of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. Yet, our ultimate enlightened essences are beyond both, as we realize we are ourselves the Divine Source. Reading or chanting these lines out loud brings about an instantaneous sense of joy, wonder, astonishment, love, and light as these lines are suffused with the blessings of high guides and guidance for the benefit of all. These lines indeed create an energy link to Universal Divine Feminine, which is none other than an integral facet of our own higher self.

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Ocean of Consciousness:  The 756 Names of Mirabai Devi is a publication in the Sri Aurora Path and the Aurora Yoga series of books.

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