Enlightened Medicine and Healing Strives to Bridge Communication Between Specialties, Not Fragmentation.

Enlightened Medicine means Medicine that involves the ever awakening and unfolding heart balanced with ever increasing wisdom and expanded thinking to apply to patient and client care and well being as well as for the caregivers themselves.

Heart and Mind are two wings of one bird that allows our “Soul” to fly in this world—-with these ever evolving instruments that are expanded through study, contemplation, meditation, devotional practice, holistic living, dialogue, therapy and process, we begin to gain deep intuition and witness consciousness; we begin to think and feel outside the box; new possibilities arise:  what was forgotten about healing and health from ancient times is remembered because such knowledge still exists within our collective unconscious.

And this deep intuition based in ever increasing awareness of unconditional love, the Divine Feminine, is what allows any field to grow and evolve.  It is no different in Medicine, Health and Healing for Medicine is a vast vast field much like any other complex field:  Law, Business, Technology and many more.

It is well known for the last 25 years that more and more the trend has been for physicians to specialize into one field and more or less focus on that one field sometimes the rest of their lives.

It is a given that each field is so vast and it is an endless learning path.  However, I feel we are going to another extreme when specialties are going too far in not bridging better dialogue knowledge, experience, thoughts, feelings, and issues about each others’ field and most importantly the medical journey of healing for patients.

For years, I have seen that incredible constraints including, time, paperwork, sheer volume of patients and clients, fatigue, billing, medical legal pressures, the need for continuing education, business management of practices and all sometimes shadow and cloak the ability for MD’s and other health professionals from working together.  At times it seems like physicians are on isolated islands with a vast ocean surrounding their inability to communicate with each other except in a few journal meetings, “hi how are you?” in hallways and so on…..

Yes, countless necessary, responsible, and important consultations occur between specialties–and yes, Physicians most often the job gets done for complex patients.  The infectious disease MD gives their expertise to the bone specialist whose  patient is infected and the Psychiatrist offers their help for the patient who is delirious, while a cancer specialist comes in —and offers their help when it is discovered that the bone has cancer.  The list of reasons for combinations of colleagues working together is endless.

However, is there not a deeper part of patient care perhaps not focused upon as much as we could? 
Are not so many physicians locked into their own knowledge of one body part or system that they forget or bypass the vast intricate balance between organ systems and physiology, much less the deep and mysterious connection between Soul, body, mind and heart?  I do not hear a lot of dialogue about this in doctor’s lounges.  I hear a lot of complaints about inefficiency, insurance companies, billing, and other rigmarole.  I wonder often–where is the deeper remembrance that we are here to heal? — That we are here to offer some kind of Spiritual experience to patients as well that comes from heart?

The deeper I go into spiritual practice–meditation and all the more I just go into witness consciousness.  I pretend I am invisible sometimes and just witness the doctors like a fly on the wall.  In this detached state —it is amazing to reflect on how so much more could be done if physicians themselves are more awakened to holistic practice through sacred thinking and feeling.  It is not that physicians do not have this–it is that sometimes it gets clouded by the small stuff—and is there not always room to expand and grow?  That comes from free will and the desire to be open to the heart–some physicians are and some are not.

Thus, are we really working for the wholeness, heart and well being of patient’s emotional and spiritual well-being on a more conscious level by going deep into a persons heart to understand where they are coming from and then bringing what we feel from them into words?  In my opinion many are doing their duty to alleviate symptoms and of course expertly and competently address the medical issues and the treatments needed and yet we need to go deeper.

Clinicians while working together see patients give their expertise and often go on to their next patient–yes colleagues discuss matters, but do specialties come together enough to discuss the how’s and why’s of why patients develop the symptoms and how it leads to complications?

Here are just a few very simple examples—of what we can do…..

….In my view there needs to be regular round table meditations and spiritual practices along with creative activities with physicians on a routine daily basis —and in this guided meditation -they will find sooner or alater-a great peace ensues which fosters intuition and the opening of more heart–so desperately needed in today’s Medicine. 

In this state of  being–even for 30 minutes, colleagues coming together through a deeper feeling beyond mind–and can think and feel “outside the box….”

For example, they can begin to piece together that the original reason for “Mrs. Jones irritable bowel” is not just an unexplained syndrome—where medicines are given  –but is related to her childhood abuse, parental divorce, and childhood blaming of self. 

They can also learn from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine doctors that her gastric energy is out of balance and that a series of herbal protocols, yoga practices, acupuncture and all can help balance out her Doshas–or bodily constitution –known as “Pitta aggravation…”

And the subsequent focus on her bowels is because she carries the negative memories in her energy or subtle body.  And perhaps a cascade of complications occur for her–leading to ulcers, bleeding, surgery, then infection and so on— not just because of a chain reaction of physical symptoms and issues but because her Soul is in turmoil and is seeking a way of exiting the body on an unconscious level and when she is seeking a deeper form of healing.

They can also learn from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine doctors that her gastric energy is out of balance and that a series of herbal protocols, yoga practices, acupuncture and all can help balance out her Doshas–or bodily constitution –known as “Pitta aggravation…”–

Energy transfer to her abdomen by gifted healers can send this energy from the Universal field known as vibrational medicine–and thus help to balance out the energy that her aggravated gastric nerves–

Holistic nurses and physicians trained in enlightened medicine can lead such groups and help conventional physicians stop just for a little while to realize how everything comes from energy fueled by the power of love by helping them feel that love through meditation—

Physicians have the opportunity to step out –of rational thinking into intuition–that is right brained, emotionally centered, Soul powered and cannot be solved or understood by linear thinking.  This is where Medicine is stuck—it relies too heavily on hard facts and all—which are important but the notion of only physical focus has to broadened and deepened in my view. 

And this life energy (which is negative and positive) –based in one’s intention and free will–as to what our attitudes are— is translated into mind heart and body.  If we can effect this subtle energy–Mrs Jones and countless others with negative experiences could have a different outcome into positive by offering this kind of strong positive love healing…….  Healing comes from altering and helping the actual life force that is blocked by painful emotions, memories, conflicts and all that can manifest as disease.  Psychiatry alone in its present practice as consultant I feel still is not enough.   It takes those deeply practicing spiritual methods to help with matters of heart to afford some kind of patient breakthrough as well.

So instead of just creating an assembly line of consultants maybe some stop gaps of those trained in heart, intuition, and healing can be part of the process to offer a deeper message to advocate for the patient and suggest interventions that are deep and regular –not just here and there.

This is one small example of where bridges need to be built to narrow the wide canyons that are already formed within how Medicine is practiced.

And RN’s and other medical personal can be trained specifically to communicate between specialties when physicians cannot or will not due to myriad constraints—as a full time job. 

These important communicators can offer special healing sessions and take those feelings and issues to the various specialists to see how one bowel for example is affecting many organ systems –based on the patient’s deeper inner life.

And so –Enlightened Medicine strives to go deeper–beyond symptomology, diagnosis, treatments and all.

It strives to go directly to heart –where real healing begins and try to convey the message of heart which is often non-verbal based in feeling and intuition into a way we can understand through language and logic.

This blog is a very small example of the infinite possibilities in Enlightened Medicine—it begins within the heart —it cannot expand from the outside in—doctors, and other health professionals will sooner or later come to a deeper understanding of these vast ideas that ready to be rediscovered from Ancient Medicine.

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