Awakening and Unfolding our Creativity is at the Center of Enlightened Medicine.

Creativity is at the center of enlightened Medicine. In my view, our world has become more and more focused on mind rather than the creativity within the heart.  We are so focused on the influence of Science, hard facts and rules, “if you cannot touch it feel it, hear it see it or smell it ….it does not exist”—and many other issues, methods views and all that take us away from our intuition, our pure knowing–ness—our creative feminine side.

There is no one in the world or other worlds that do not possess creativity because creativity is part of our Soul.  Soul and creativity are not separable.  However our mind with all of its ups and down,s conditioning negative influences —acquired beliefs and all sometimes hides our feminine side.

Just look at the media –bombarding us constantly with negativity.  Medicine itself I have observed has become a practice of lab values, EKG results, MRI results, cursory exams, extremely brief encounters with patients rather than connecting deeply with creativity and the arts.

It is through art and creativity that healing takes place and this angle is far removed in Medicine in my opinion.

Even Psychiatry –which is supposed to encompass emotions, feelings and the synthesis of mind, heart and Soul –has gone to an extreme where medicines, brief therapies (if they are available at all)—superficial groups–corralling people into quick admissions and discharges—is sometimes devoid of the creative side.

Music, art, journaling, creative projects activate our intuition which in turns enlivens the heart.  Most disease is due in my view to the wounded and misunderstood heart.  Our feelings and emotions, fueled by our Soul Power is really the key to healing.  Most disease is due to disrupted feelings and emotions; and yet these areas of Medicine are often ignored, bypassed, belittled, suppressed, overlooked, —and so on.

Recently a colleague of mine shared a fretful story.  His father passed away around the same time my Dad passed away about 9 months ago.

His father’s funeral was that day –or around that time and he had an argument with his physician director because that individual wanted him to come in and cover patients anyway!—-When other coverage could be arranged.  In fact, he offered no consoling, no comfort or empathy at all.

Is this what medicine has come to? 

In fact, I have done a lot of life review recently on my work in Austin,  San Antonio and now soon Houston for a while–even though I am Dallas based.  I feel it is the Universe having me go back to each city for a while to heal many many difficult and traumatic memories feelings and issues once and for all that I have worked on for years –but now more “onion layers” of healing are being pulled back from my own heart.

And so, I texted a medical colleague of mine –who I had some fond memories with and empathized that he recently lost his mom and congratulated him on his grandson on the way.  I shared my own Dad passed —-away recently and also that I was in Austin –and wanted to say hi and visit as he had said that we could get together. 

Well, this colleague is a Cardiologist —and yet his response after all my text was simply—–“thanks”–

He did not even empathize with my Dad, share his feelings and all because it was “all about him”

I am not saying that I can and want to control people’s reactions and feelings—(no one can)—but yet it astonished me that a physician who works on the heart —for many years—in my view “had no heart”—meaning —there was no integration it seemed –between the love aspects of heart with the mechanical.

And so these examples illustrate how much we need to bring back the Divine Feminine into Medicine and all aspects of life.

Creativity —has to have a renaissance in Medicine, Psychiatry and all specialties.  Any and all forms of art have to be brought back because creativity is the language of the Soul.  What cannot come out in words will come out through our Soul and heart —and this in turn affords real and deep healing.

Creative energy has to be valued —if not more than logic and reason—logic and reason is part of the mind—mind in one way will always be limited –mind –can expand to infinite possibilities but needs heart to fully integrate into enlightenment.

And so, bringing back art, writing, music, dance, acting, drama therapy— and all—creates the backdrop –for healing and it needs to be of paramount importance right in a clinical setting.

The value of creativity will indeed be the Medicine of the near future along with all else.