Care of our Health is a Daily, in fact, moment by moment Spiritual Practice.

Ever thought of spiritual practices?  What images come up?  Waving of incense?  Standing on one’s head?  Meditation?  Prayers to deities and other images?  Church, temples and synagogues.  Quiet reflection? All of these and countless more offer us opportunities to honor and remember our inner Self, our sacredness and to appreciate and offer back this inner love to honor Nature and the inherent intelligence in the Universe.

But how many practice care for their health as a deep spiritual practice? Okay, we go to our physicians in time of need and even try some prevention, weight loss and all.

We watch those incredibly dichotomous drug commercials that show people doing joyous things in the background.  Meanwhile, someone is reciting deadly potential side effects.  Then, we realize we still have to weigh benefits and side effects to take medicines for many ailments that we must address of course. 

Yet, despite our focus spirituality or not, or the practices we know of to enhance our Spiritual feelings and all or not, many of us are still not at optimal health.  Many still suffer from mental and emotional issues either from genetics and or life’s trial and tribulations; there is a plethora of chronic modern physical problems including weight issues, and other metabolic diseases to name a few.

And so an enlightened approach is to address our health care as a moment by moment spiritual practice:  focusing on our body, emotions and mind as sacred instruments that our Soul occupies and making its function and works of utmost honor.  It takes seeing our health as a working manifestation of the Divine, an honoring of the life force itself.

Health care is not just a five minute physician appointment, a few instructions and then waiting in long lines at the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, only to find ourselves more or less feeling the same.
Its not necessarily the arguments we find ourselves in –in doctor’s offices over the seemingly long waits, those nuisance co-pays and fights over “no show” fees and so on.  It is not just the questions and fears over an impending surgery or an important medical intervention—which of course are still all vital parts of health care

Rather health care for ourselves and others is a deep moment by moment spiritual awareness and practice to heal, understand, clean and clear our emotions, mind and bodies in order for our sacred life force to flow through us in an optimal way.  Lack or improper flow of this flow due to myriad factors discussed in Spiritual medicine is at the root of disease.  Health as a spiritual practice is to feel and honor the actual life force that animates us…..often forgotten and largely not understood.

Imagine not taking a shower for days and days.  Then imagine what our internal bodies are like without the right clearing and cleansing periodically from its stresses and strains of processing the foods we put into it—both health and unhealthy food sources.

Even more interesting is to reflect on our minds and emotions—have we taken regular emotional and mental showers over days, weeks, months and years?  Imagine what has accumulated there?

And so body, mind and emotions are intricately connected and part of the substance of subtle cosmic creation.  Each one of us is a unique hologram of Creator Source.  And Soul occupies this sacred substance to have the experience of this world.  In a crisp and clean, clear healthy body and mind we can experience at least glimpses of Soul that last longer and longer in our day to day through the realization of health care being a sacred practice and experience.

We come to an understanding one day or another that anything and everything is sacred, divine and filled with the consciousness of love and light.  Everything merges ultimately into this understanding.

Until then we seem separate from love and light.  However the more we see and practice the notion that our health care is an actual practice and way of life moment by moment, the more we will come to this understanding.  And with practice —through many spiritual, emotional, mental, and bodily activities that we can learn and know—that sometimes are not available in the usual health care setting— we will see our health improve, our physical appearance enhance and we will see how our mind and emotions become crystal pure lenses to reflect the hidden light within us all. Even if we have a very serious illness–we can still have a different outlook to life and living.

It just takes a different angle and perspective and the practice of this idea of health care being a spiritual practice that will make the difference.