Dr. Rama Pemmaraju Rao is not diagnosing or treating based on his website, blog posts, and other materials.  He always states that those with medical and psychiatric concerns consult their conventional medicine physicians first and foremost with face to face evaluations and treatments.  His blogs, website and other materials are to inspire and educate in the areas of holistic and conventional medicine.  His aim is to offer his version of spirituality that can broaden thinking and ideas in medicine, health and healing.

Enlightened  medicine or “enlightenment” means a conscious and expanded view of mind, body and heart.  This opens unlimited possibilities from within and beyond thoughts and feelings and into one’s soul and spirit.  He speaks through his opinion, life long background in Eastern and Western practices, his own views on spirituality and its bridge in medicine and healing and his own myriad experiences and educational pursuits over the years. 

Currently, Rama is traveling in his medical career, and is not in private practice.  This site represents his life-long vision, expanding to the months and years to come.  He encourages all to be open, but to form one’s own views.  His wish is for all to seek the right formal professional assistance in every matters of health and healing, conventional and integrative.  Please use common sense in seeking any and all forms of professional help for any and all medical conditions.  Stay safe and healthy.