Welcome to the Emporium

This is the name of an actual company being formed now for any and all aspects of enlightenment. It contains different sections of focus including unique inspirational items, self help on all levels, media and education, Temple and sacred sanctuary management, Original Vegan food items never before seen and created. The company is designed to put enlightenment in the hands of all in practical as well as esoteric ways by creating and manifesting unique items and ideas designed to inspire and expand one’s inner horizons.

Aurora means golden light and Veda means the dance of Science and Art.

This emporium will be supportive, inspiring and interesting.  It differs from others because it will offer a central location to acquire any and all items that resonate with the individual on their road to health, healing, Spirituality and by purchasing will foster a deeper understanding and experience of their issues in enlightenment and medicine. 

Items and how they are offered and presented on this site will be authentic, genuine, and honest; not the usual marketing paradigm of convincing “that something is needed” and that “one must buy or have or acquire” in order to once again feed the old paradigm that one has to purchase something in order to deepen and grow from within.  It will be apparent from the items sold that there will be an inherent usefulness, esthetic, novelty and inspiration of that item if one resonates with that merchandise. 

It will contain many items that will assist in education, creativity and creative expression, learning, and experience along with suggested areas for holistic, natural remedies and treatments (of course keeping in mind that one should always adhere to conventional medical guidelines, treatments, protocols and procedures).  Many other areas include Vegan sources of food, creative art, items designed to assist with one’s mental and emotional well-being, along with many other very carefully thought out and chosen offerings  to uplift and enhance, not manipulate and exploit and feed old store ideas and concepts. 

Items will be in categories of different areas for our unique needs, aspirations, and inspirations along our path and road to recovery and discovery.

Stay tuned for specifics and for actual listings. This emporium will focus on the unusual and the interesting.  It will not be surprising to hear “‘Wow’! what a truly novel and interesting idea and item!” or “what a great way to modify and evolve an existing idea or item….!”.  The old cliche of “what will they think of next?” or “that is so unique, creative, and useful I think that it would make a difference in my day to day” —will be the conversation about this Emporium site.  Other forms of comments may include:  “This emporium captures the essence of what the whole world has the opportunity to focus on —it brings in items that are of true importance, inspiration, usefulness and ingenuity and leaves out that which is part of the usual gamut of products on these kinds of sites.”  “And, its proceeds will truly benefit global humanity in large and small ways through its foundational activities……”

What will be impressive is the thoughtfulness and cohesiveness that will go into creating various categories and the items that comprise those creative sections –they will all fit and be woven together like an expertly made quilt that is fashioned from interesting, beautiful,and useful cloth pieces and patterns. 

Thus, practical as well as beatific and creative, out of the box novel items and all— designed to illustrate the endless possibilities of the creative mind and heart as well as the latest innovations and break throughs on items already created will surely manifest on this emporium site.