There are challenges in the treatment and facilitation of holistic principles in health, healing, Medicine and Spirituality that is part of the evolution of this field and really the evolution of mankind. Today’s Medicine excels in surgery, ER medicine, infections disease, acute treatments, trauma, and diagnostic technologies.  However when dealing with matters of heart and the softer side of Medicine–there is fog and cloud—shadow behind the potential of shine.

Here are some of my thoughts of how Holistic health, healing Medicine and Spirituality can run into challenges in trying to implement very deep and profound principles that can affect body, mind Spirit and all.

1.  Patients and clients have to come into the mind set that they are responsible for their own world and life.  The notion that we create our own reality and reap the consequences of our actions, choices and issues for many is a new and novel idea.  Many are ingrained in the paradigm of victim hood and that life does things “to us” when in reality we alone create our own reality.  And so, patients and clients must first come to terms that they (and all of us) our responsible for our own health and well being.  We have to awaken to the notion that health care and maintenance is a Spiritual practice where we honor ourselves by taking care of ourselves and that we own that we have created our own reality regardless of our outer circumstances

2.  Healing starts from the “inside out” not the outside in.  This means that our model of treating symptoms without looking at the deeper causes of illness is the real challenge in Holistic health.

We have to reverse our focus.  Instead of the laundry list of symptoms (which are important of course) that focus on external problems— we have to create models and have create an atmosphere of healing so that patients and clients have the opportunity to discover that their own mental and emotional issues have created many illnesses–knowingly and unknowingly.  A real atmosphere of healing allows people to dive deep into their hearts and minds to discover their inner pains and conflicts and seek active ways to heal and clear these.  Then, physical, mental and emotional healing will take place faster and more automatically.  It may take some time, but in the end well-being can arise despite physical challenges and some physical ailments will improve as well.

3.   Holistic healing and health is a commitment to a life long journey of enlightenment.  There has to be a a conscious awakening and opening of heart and expansion of mind to realize that health is a life long journey and a form of Spirituality in whatever way we understand or do not understand Spirituality.  Holistic healing is a process of myriad interventions, practises, treatments, contemplation, reflections, and so on that create optimal health and well being over time.  There is no quick fix or one pill cures all in holistic health.  Rather it is a unique journey where each person —has to discover what forms of healing work for them in order to gain greater enlightenment in life and living.

4.  Clients need to make an investment in time, energy, focus, sometimes money and all.  This comes from a conscious decision —to choose utter positivism in life when pain becomes the teacher to prod us into realizing that there has to be “more to life” than just our mundane routines.  There has to be patience in understanding that chronic problems may take time to heal and clear.  Our current medical system is the polar opposite of this approach with forcing of high volumes of patients to be seen, lower reimbursements, focus on bottom line issues, and any and all pressures that block and shadow the real process of original healing.

5.  Clarity on supplements, nutrition and diet: Many are getting lost with buying so many supplements and all and then getting discouraged and confused because they run into “pill phobia” and resistance to using supplements.  Much money is spent with bottles and pills laying everywhere because of the challenge of taking supplements on a regular long term basis.  What, when how and why to take supplements is leaving the consumer confused and bewildered.  How much is too much or too little?   What works and does not work?  These questions are huge and important and thus a new healing model has to address and simplify a regimen for each person based on their own unique needs and abilities.  Currently models to address these matters are still fledgling and few and far between. 

There is no one supplement, pill or diet that is the be all and end all.  There is no one holistic treatment or intervention that is a one stop solution.  Rather, it is a blend of several methods designed for each person.  And this takes guidance and an arena of facilitation and practice —-in new models of clinics that imbibe a sacred atmosphere of healing

More later !