Enlightened Medicine and Holistic Living Begins Right Where We Are

Enlightened medicine and holistic living begins right where we are. We can begin anew and afresh right in this moment.

Holistic living means developing our common sense based in our intuition, our gut knowing which is centered in our purest of feelings and emotions and when our minds are as still and peaceful as possible.  Great contemplation and messages come through us from Soul to our conscious awareness through the body and mind in these times.

In this peaceful state we have to constantly ask ourselves, what is our Soul telling us?  What is our body telling us?  What does our mind really want?  If we develop this inner dialogue our own body and mind will guide us into anything and everything that we need for natural living.

It takes rigorous honesty and authenticity to really listen to the little voice bird inside us.  Is it saying that we need to lose weight?  Change jobs?  Reduce our obligations.  Get more sleep?  Simplify and downsize?  Pay off debt?  Get our personal doctor appointments done?  Treat our kids, spouse or lover in a different way?  It is saying that we need exercise, yoga or other spiritual direction?  Then it is up to us to listen and followup and follow through.  Easier said than done when many of us are putting in 12 to 14 hr days, dealing with the home, and myriad other tasks.

Nevertheless if we listen and put a few things into play then it can make a difference.