A new jobs can be created in a new paradigm of enlightened thinking.  We are hearing, so much these days, of the importance of new jobs in the USA. 

I thought much about the need to increase and expand —the job market.  And I marvel how we rehash the same issues over and over again and expect a difficult result.  Instead of trying to salvage jobs back from overseas —which yes I hope does happen —how about creating jobs in new frontiers or expand the ones that are opening up?

How about getting those people who are lost in the middle –as in manufacturing and all, to retrain and regroup into new areas?

For example, coal miners who are struggling—I am just wondering is there a way for them to retrain and instead focus on working with cleaner, newer energy source retrieval?—Perhaps, is there a way to —have them retrain into areas of recycling of all materials –and thus find new venture capital that puts an end to coal mining and into something new?   I believe we have enough circulating metals in the world to put an end to mining —what if folks were retrained into these areas?

I feel non-fossil fuel technology is present and is being ignored and suppressed…new energy forms could create endless jobs–and it goes beyond solar and wind—power

Billions and billions of tons of wasted plastic is flowing into the oceans —animals are sick and dying because they are eating the plastic.  What if the focus is on figuring out new jobs to retrieve these tons of plastics and elsewhere to recycle and thus create a whole interesting market?

Can the palm oil industry find another sustainable oil that is not destructive —but something that helps the environment?   Hard to say with how the focus is on dollars and not a lot of enlightenment toward the way Mother Earth is being treated.  Forestry and protection—, production of vegan sources of food-hydroponics–for global feeding —all of this can create an endless cornucopia of jobs and money.

Endless jobs can be created by beautifying decaying American inner cities and public works They can be made by finding private funding and training people on how to do useful and interesting things.

What if micro-loans are extended to USA workers to build their own businesses instead of depending on corporate the way micro loans are offered to the third world.  And businesses that are built with new novel inventions that benefit all–instead of harming? Again…endless job possibilities.

What about creating on line schools through private companies that send out assistants around the globe and USA to create endless educational possibilities as parents are desperately trying to find a way out of a broken often violent bully and drug ridden school system?

The list of ideas goes on and on

I think it is about the awakening of heart and the expansion of mind.  Are we going that direction when we hear of increasing violence and all–riots in malls, kids chanting “build a wall” and terrorizing Hispanic and other students? 

Our future is being determined now by the way mass consciousness is heading – positive, negative, or a vast mixed soup.

And so time will tell.