Medicine Seems to Be Advancing…

…but there is also hamster wheel and cookie cutter medicine to become aware of.  We hear about this study and that study that reaches the media and many sources.  We hear about new therapeutic and diagnostic technologies and of course they are extremely useful in any and all ways. 

However if one contemplates deeper into medicine practice we are still doing the same thing over and over again over this modern era despite seeming advances?

There is still the “fix and bandaid” methods to treat symptoms whether through drugs, medicines and surgery, without understanding the underlying the emotional, spiritual and mental problems of people that manifest various ailments,.

If one notices over the last twenty years— drug companies and others are master minds at brainwashing physicians and the public.  Often they are just reinventing the wheel with the same types of medications– that are tweeked in different ways and marketed as some kind of break through.– And, physicians, knowingly and unknowingly go along with many of these prescribing practices and treatments for many reasons—and some think that there is just no other model and have to abide by what is being done in medical practice.

Or, drug companies and others take various mechanisms of various organs and bodily systems and manipulate enzymes, metabolic pathways and all to fix ailing organ systems and problems. 

One example of many is in Diabetes where billions are spent at tricking the body into various ways to balance insulin and glucose, and yet it is dubious often how much preventive nutrition and other means patients are practicing along with these medications.  The same applies to some cardiac and GI problems.  Billions and billions of dollars go into antacids and other common problems and all–which sometimes are extremely useful –and do help heal serious problems; however there is so much push for these medications, that the original stress a person has, their eating habits and all-their psychological problems -often are de-emphasized, ignored, bypassed, “referred to a therapist”—etc… and are shifted for quick fixes to underlying problems. 

Instead we need  new models that take the time to understand these issues and deal with the actual underlying life force problems,  with the digestive fire and energy of the body for example–well known to Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine.

Physicians are so brain washed and live in fear of so -called “standards of care”—which are important.

Or they get so clouded by the high volumes of people they have to see and the tasks at hand that they do not have time to sometimes stop, reflect, contemplate and think about these deeper problems.  And even if they do, they are trapped in a system that demands these practices—

 I have reflected on the fact that there is this relative “automatic prescribing” in hospitals –and outpatients of the same medications over and over and over again for many common problems:  insomnia, heartburn, asthma, constipation, heart burn, pain,  arthritis and many other chronic problems.  That is not to say that these are not needed and necessary.  Maalox, milk of magnesia, tylenol—and an endless list goes into the prescribing are sometimes needed but—often they are given without much thought other than to make sure there are no serious drug interactions or other immediate harmful effects for a person.

I am hoping that, in this century, there is an awakening in medicine. The awakening must change these matters and stop long enough in doctor’s and other practitioners enormously stressful day to at least think and reflect on the millions of prescriptions they write that fuels the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry —on medicines that have been used for many years—without that much change.

I would hope they stop to question and ask—is there not a better way than to give the millionth benadryl prescription—or the 20 to thirty standard medications for when the patient needs something for headaches and all.

 If you look at hospital lists that is often the case…..many prescribed in case the patient asks for them along with regular medications. Even regular medications a patient takes are the same compounds over many years used or just a tweak or a change that is not that different.

All more or less designed to squelch and suppress each and every symptom one can think of.  And our culture along with the medical community are used to this for many decades. 

If one looks at the last 30-40 years, there are some newly crafted medications; however many as noted above are from the same sources more or less and principles—-so in other words do we not need a renaissance and dramatic breakthrough with the compounds and all that we use?

Most people do not see that many brands of so-called over the counter medications are diphenhydramine or just the same ole benadryl packaged in different names.

For coughs colds headaches–the public may not see that the same five or six ingredients—acetominophen, aspirin, non-steroidals, guaifenasin, chlorpheniramine etc are the same things in various percents in these items–powerful chemicals designed for artificial symptom relief through suppression of the body’s natural defenses to whatever is the underlying cause of the cold.  The cold etc. may not just be viral but the body’s reaction to the atmosphere due to various issues one is enduring at any given time.

Serious illnesses of course require many complex medications that MD’s have to be aware of and use–yet even these are sometimes the same types of medications used for decades with various tweeks and changes and few that are completely different but still follow the same theories and all.

And so it is vital to stop and expand consciousness to see how Medicine may be advancing yet at the same time we are doing the same thing over and over —and expecting some kind of different result–the definition of insanity in recovery literature from alcohol and other issues.

Somewhere is a balance of natural and artificial–and I hope the 21st century and beyond moves back toward the natural with the artificial only when absolutely necessary.