Medicine & Spirituality

India holds the key to the changing and shifting paradigm in health healing and Spirituality for the 21st century.

Recently I was in New York at another meeting and there was a large convention of Physicians of Indian Origin meeting; it is a national conference.  Many of the participants are native Indians who are working diligently and brilliantly in the Western world.

And yet with me as first generation born here in the USA I marvel how little is known about India’s great Medicine tradition from even native physicians.

Like this, most of the entire world has embraced the Western model of Medicine.  This of course is useful and beneficial, but to treat the root of disease and suffering we must turn to ancient wisdom

India’s Ayurveda principles offer timeless methods, principles and wisdom about Nature and its reflection within body and mind.  Ancient physicians were masters of meditation and how to awaken our hidden subtle light bodies and dormant spiritual powers locked in our DNA that lies inactive.

If you notice in medicine, everyone describes, analyzes and treats the issues of body and mind, but who actually understands and can alter the life force itself that animates body and mind?  This is where Eastern Medicine is key because it treats the actual interference to body and mind—that blocks the natural life force itself. 

It understands the secrets of herbs, minerals, plants, flowers and all and their relationship to astrology astronomy and how seemingly infinite synergistic natural elements can come together to heal very chronic and difficult ailments.  The key with any natural treatment is that it sometimes takes slower consistent methods, often not allowed in our rapid moving symptom oriented payment insurance reimbursement system.

And like this there are many many principles of body and mind waiting to be extracted and understood by the West.

The science and art is vast–and it is interesting how Indian and Far Eastern physicians, unless they are inspired and awakened to embrace their own culture often know little about their own lore.  I have only scratched the surface over time and hope to deepen and broaden my knowledge to offer it in some very accessible and understandable way for people to understand its treasures.