Meditation is the Ultimate “Medication”

What is meditation as we hear so much about this word and its issues? This subject can take lifetimes of discussion but is answered in one second of experience!  Meditation means many things to many people.  It has many connotations.  For a purpose of discussing here, meditation means “medication”.  The reason is that in real meditation our body and mind come in contact with Self that is mysteriously intertwined in body and mind but is not of body and mind.

Self is infinite.  Yet, in our small frame we cannot conceive of it until we learn to access Self –bit by bit.  Meditation is a process.  It is as broad as the word “GOD”.

Here for this purpose, it means sustained concentration on a subject, thought, concept, image or anything that captures our mind with interest of fascination that then leads to withdrawal of our senses into ourselves and finally to an experience of Self–that cannot be described, only experienced.

It is practiced because it is the sole way of knowing Soul.  What this means is that without sustained, one pointed concentration we cannot penetrate deep into ourselves to feel and know Self even though we are Self.  Paradox no?

Methods of meditation are infinite.  But here is the gist of it all:

At some point we realize that all or most of our energy and focus goes out into the external world.

Sooner or later when we realize that there is something more or hidden inside of ourselves (which is the Soul’s calling)  we start a Spiritual journey or more consciously expand the one we are on.  Or we create one –or at least try to understand something about the deeper meaning of life and living.  It is a divine timing for all—we begin to wonder what there is more to life than just the external.

From that point we explore many avenues until we realize that our answer lies inside our own being.  And so we begin to concentrate–we reverse the senses from outer focus to inner focus for longer periods of time that become a regular practice –because we somehow we know and begin to discover and remember there is something great inside that is untapped.  This is called pratyahara.

We then sustain a focus of mind on one subject or allow our mind to witness the floating in and out of thoughts–known as concentration or dharana.  This sustained flow of thought known as dhyana is meditation. —when we sustain this flow–it becomes Samadhi–or the unity consciousness.

Our mind and body meet the Self or Soul in unity concsciousness.  We experience Self, body, and mind becoming one and the same. In fact the mind will merge into this Universal Self like a bubble underwater poked so that the water of Self fills the balloon (or mind).  We normally cannot know this unless our mind is in a one pointed state.  We realize that mind fuses with Self when normally there is a wall or block between mind and Self that only sometimes bleeds through the mind–when we experience higher qualities in our regular lives.

This is the great mystery of our lives.  Our dissipated mind keeps us from directly knowing Self.  And, Self contains all of our higher qualities—love, light, wisdom psychic abilities and so on.

Some of these percolate into our mind and body and we only know a sliver of our power in our normal day to day.  Imagine if we could sustain this kind of one pointedness 24 hours a day!   Even a few glimpses of this experience daily or weekly is enough to understand there is something greater beyond body and mind.

The key is to practise also appeal to unseen Grace to guide our meditation and journey.

And so, meditation is medication because it is ultimately the key cure for the disease of blind worldly burden and suffering.  When we tap into Self the energy we experience is so fulfilling it keeps us going even if it is just a few glimpses once in a while.  We know there is something beyond the horizon that we seek—just over the rainbow!–ie the pot of Gold.