Challenges that physicians face in holistic, complementary, alternative, and spirituality can be positively solved in this coming millenium.

Integrative, Holistic, Complimentary, Medicine coupled with a deep emphasis on Spirituality in Health is truly I believe along with many in this field the wave of the new paradigm.  Yet there are huge hurdles and boulders to remove in a never ending process of evolution and revolution in Medicine—

However this blog is not to be negative but rather identify some general areas that will can evolve into very positive change and transformation.

Since the 70’s there have been many progenitors, visionaries, pioneers, mentors, teachers and so on who laid the groundwork to realize and say that Modern Medicine is truly limited when it comes to many areas.  While acute care, technology and all are excelling the model to treat patients is truly in dire need of enlightenment.

Old thinking, patriarchal harsh control —based in rigid thinking —-and hanging on to old ways of practice still is very strong in Medicine.

Yet the system will have to evolve because the Universe is a dynamic process of change and growth and so global medicine on this planet will have to turn within the inner mind and heart to seek the deeper answers and solutions that ancient cultures knew and practiced.

Here are some holistic practitioner challenges —that not only doctors but other holistic healers face.

1. Payment, reimbursement, funding—:  Classical issues—chicken or egg.  The practitioner has to be very clever, savvy and use intuition —-(with a lot of patience and patients!  LOL)—–to figure out works best.

Often people have to keep some day job hrs and gradually create a Self Pay practice.  Sometimes fund raising, donations, grants are needed.  Sales and other issues has to be considered because after all —without the business side, the clinical cannot exist.  Business and healing are two wings of a bird so that the best care can take off in flight.

And, it takes planning early on in one’s career–working to save dollars so that when is ready there is a reserve of income to fall back on while creating a place that will hold an office open long enough to have enough people attending to keep a practice going.

Relying on insurance can work sometimes but this is an uphill issue in integrative medicine for many reasons —which is another blog topic.  One has to carefully probe and think about the issues at hand in taking insurance and yet attempting to take holistic approaches.

2.  Time Factor.  Holistic Healing takes time, energy, focus and a lot of TLC.  It is quite a challenge to —spend this time if there are time pressures and volume issues within any kind of practice.

There can be creative ways to circumvent this —in general—there are ways to get the message across to clients and patients and  yet –be in a balance of volume of time.  (More later on these suggestions)

3.  Vast Array of practices within Holistic.

Holistic Medicine is a vast field.—that has many complex angles, facets, issues and subjects.

One can be overwhelmed and one “cannot do it all”–This is why holistic is truly integrative—it has to be a collaborative effort with conventional—practitioners but also with the holistic side because each healer has their own unique talents knowledge, education and abilities.  The art of Holistic is just that—bringing the jigsaw puzzle pieces to create a masterpiece puzzle for service to humanity.

Practitioners need to go inside themselves and decide what they do best and do their best with it!

And so there is no way to practice Holistic without practicing ourselves through our own meditation, contemplation and Self-inquiry