The Shri Aurora Path

The Shri Aurora Path is a timeless path of Light and love.  I gave this Path this name (actually it came to me many, many years ago in meditation) to humbly attempt to describe a Divine Light that I am becoming aware of more and more —a unique energy— that is filled with unconditional creativity, love, inspiration, Wisdom and all other high qualities that I would like to offer to humanity in the days to come.  Aurora means golden, the shimmering of gold AU is the original symbol for the element gold and AU derives its roots in ancient India and beyond. 

This path contains a unique energy signature that affords a simple yet profound way of gentle yet effective awakening and enlightening of the human being to honor the body, transform the mind, reawaken the Heart to rediscover the Spirit within.  In my experience—this new path and all true paths of Light are meant to allow us to remind of our great Soul power within that often lies buried under the heap ashes of any all of our unique and complex issues in life and living that sometimes makes us forget what is really important in life.

This Shri Aurora Path is salient because it recognizes that medical and health related issues are a deep part of any spiritual practice.  Without health there is no real wealth and without Health there is thus no enlightenment.  All of us from physical to Soul have the unique opportunity to once again align and shine while we are living in health and harmony when we remember and feel our own divine inner Aurora.

This path incorporates the direct awakening of the healing feminine, the divine Goddess, so seemingly absent in today’s health care and in many if not all aspects of life on planet earth today.  By remembering and experience the divine goddess in all of us, we can truly awaken to understand that healing and health and all other facets of life are not just about the mechanics and structure of what we know but rather the deep elixir of love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness is the sugar that is inside the baking cake that is so desperately needed in today’s complex world.

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Aurora Veda

This is the name I gave for an actual company being formed now for any and all aspects of enlightenment.  It contains different sections of focus including unique inspirational items, self help on all levels, media and education, Temple and sacred sanctuary management, Original Vegan food items never before seen and created. The company is designed to put enlightenment in the hands of all in practical as well as esoteric ways by creating and manifesting unique items and ideas designed to inspire and expand one’s inner horizons.

Aurora means golden light and Veda means the dance of Science and Art.

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The Shri Aurora Arogya Temple and Universal Shrine  

The Shri Aurora Arogya Hindu Temple is a unique set of inspiring temple buildings that are on one site that have been chosen to hold the intention of miracle level healing. 

Aurora Arogya means the Golden Light that fosters complete health and freedom from disease.

It contains geometric forms, healing archetypes and many other metaphysical principles that do not even exist upon the original subcontinent of India.  Upon its sacred grounds, health and healing can spontaneously arise on all levels through this structure along with ancient functional technology, lore, ritual, chanting, tenet and rites.  It contains a charged atmosphere of inspiration that fosters a sense of inspiration and admiration for life and living.

The Universal Healing Shrine is also located on the same grounds for those other faiths to feel free to come and identify with any aspect of healing to also afford the same effect of miracle level intervention.


The Shri Aurora Path Foundation

This foundation is a service organization that will help and assist in funding for 7 to 10 major areas of service need.

Many include the unique problems of the Western World along with the challenges that face global humanity and all forms of life.

Areas of service include planetary stewardship, funding for the arts and humanities, funding for inventions that benefit humanity, new and innovative energy ideas, novel recycling of organic and inorganic waste, new Vegan foods and ideas to increase Vegan consumption and use, animal and plant rescue and rehabilitation, eco protection activities, education and job transformation for those with challenging legal records and other problems, pensions and unique service solutions for the elderly and homeless as well as a host of empowering, creative programming for students and children. 

Aurora Campus

Dr. Pemmaraju’s Aurora Campus for Enlightenened Medicine, Psychiatry & the Creative Humanities

This spiritual health campus is directly across the temple complex and carries the sacred environment within a clinical and teaching campus that ancient Medicine held.  It contains a harmonious blend of all aspects of natural healing along with conventional practitioners.  It has the gift of herbal gardens and processing along with auditoriums and classrooms to create the atmosphere of teaching and the appreciation of the arts:  all to foster the notion that Art, Medicine, Spirituality, Health and Healing are intertwined in an elaborate dance of mysterious artful Grace along with conventional Science.

Aurora Yoga

Aurora Yoga

Is a very simple set of practices and suggestions designed to keep people in a state of wisdom, peace, light and love.  It differs from other Yoga because the key is the awareness of where and who we are at any given moment and to appreciate our shadow and shine for optimal health and function rather than holding ourselves in goal oriented concepts.  Aurora Yoga will light the path with its myriad colored lights of benefits because it does not focus on competition or effort. These very simple methods concentrate on being and gentle appreciation of Self in ourselves and others.