Physicians have the opportunity to become enlightened stewards and safe keepers of the planet.

In today’s frenetic medical world, physicians are more and more be caught in the web of challenges that include many different stresses and strains including the challenge of seeing and treating high volumes of patients with shrinking reimbursements of an ever increasingly ill population (regardless of specialty); psycho-social deprivation and despair through myriad wounds of life and living; the difficulties of toxic addictions and co-dependency of all types; along with multiple economic, political and medical legal issues that are constantly swarming around doctors —.

Given these pressures and challenges–it is no wonder that physicians are overwhelmed, burdened and burned out.  Often they are care-taking rescuing and fixing personalities that have the umbrella of the healer archetype or wounded healer archetype—-This means that they are so busy taking care of everybody else on all levels that they have no time or focus to take care of themselves.

Sooner or later it does catch up with physicians.  Either they change careers, retire, go back to school, reduce hours and simplify their life and living –adjust expenses and debt—and so on.  Or many go on and on —quietly leading a life of fatigue and despair and enjoying the small and large triumphs that they can panhandle as the gold nuggets of patient success, appreciation, results and so on that becomes a reward —or oasis within the desert of today’s Medicine.

Yet does this all go deep enough?

I feel that all of these are important but we can go deeper.  What this means is that we can take any form of Spirituality that we relate to—(or not)—even our own Higher Self —is good and understand and witness what is happening in the world.

We can take the time for meditation, contemplation, light research on the status of the suffering of the world at large, the toxic impact of the environment on plants, animals and humans and begin to understand that we have the personality, education, power and knowledge to make a difference to be advocates of protecting the planet and alleviating mankind’s suffering.

It does not have to come from just seeing patients.  We can wake up and offer short blog posts, emails and all to show that planetary stewardship —has to arise from the awakened heart and expanded minds of many–and doctors –are no exception.

We have to break out of the mold of being trapped into a hospital or clinic for long hours —in sterile and difficult environments—to reach into and get back in touch with Nature.  We have to do the history and research to see how the ancient physicians were very sensitive and attune to Nature and her cycles and how her delicate but strong intelligence and ways—-are so amazing —in the healing process.

Plants, herbs, minerals —ancient ritual –creative artwork—music and many softer elements of the healing process—are waiting to be rediscovered –and MD’s can play a major role if they just wake up from the hypnosis of what they have been rigidly taught. 

And, we need to have the conviction and courage to at least decide to go on a journey however long it takes to get back to Nature and her secrets —rather than only relying on artificial dogma and tenet that we have been rigidly taught in medical school and residency.

It is not to say that we abandon conventional methods.  Rather it is about reducing our focused time dedicated to this —-and increasing our experience and research in what is natural—in life –to see how there are deeper intelligent forces at work within and around our bodies.

So often we forget the miracle of circulation, respiration, immunity —brain power and all.  As healers do we reserve time to contemplate discuss and meditate on what is it behind these powers that exist that even make these functions possible?  This comes from a deeper road –a path of personal enlightenment and heart awakening that will lead us to the answers based on our own personality and interests.  It is about tapping into the Divine Universal Source or divine mother that is seen and heard in deep meditation —and felt as unconditional love—-taking this with us–we open to interesting areas of thoughts, perceptions, insights, ideas, practices, interventions, realizations, and communications that we would not have sometimes thought about —in our frenetic –day–to day–if we stay only within the confines of our limited mind –that is all our life will revolve around.

There is a saying in India, if you marry a small farmer, you get a small farm. 

This means that we have the choice to go beyond our comfort zone—into the realm of heart –which ironically is a scary place for some MD’s to go to —-even though they chose a healing and heart oriented profession.

And so —stewardship involves a journey and process of unlocking the secrets and experiences of  the heart —-and in this divine feeling we discover when we finally slow down.

We realize that our inner heart love can merge with the Divine Love that is guiding and governing natural healing processes from time immemorial.  And in this unending discovery, we can be advocates of healthy change on the planet that will affect not only human health but the planet of the whole.

Remember collective power is strongest —Awakening physicians around the world can cause a revolution of heart and the remembrance of Nature that can change the entire medical system that is failing on many levels worldwide to address the heart, despite technological and other biological advancements.

Technology alone —without deepening of heart —does not save the planet, It only causes more imbalance.

We need  the balance of heart and mind and the —–to discover the fuel of Spirit within.  And in this discovery there are no limits to planetary transformation.