Raindrops Upon the Parched Fields of My Heart is a publication in the Sri Aurora Path and the Aurora Yoga series of books.



Raindrops Upon the Parched Fields of My Heart

Raindrops contains a series of experiences of the awakening heart, as life blossoms with new insight and revelation. Each paragraph describes inspiring lessons that are revealed by the soul.  Read them to help recognize that each and every heart is capable of awakening into experiencing love that has no end because the soul or higher Self contains everything within our own being.  It is a matter of “cloud-seeding” our lives with the spiritual practice of any choice to kindle the rain shower of the soul upon the fields of the heart.

As spirituality awakens from within, remarkable insights, amazing feelings and inspiring lessons arise from the soul to quench the parched fields of the heart.  Due to the burden of worldly life and existence, the heart experiences drought when it is cut off from the soul’s inner wisdom, light, peace, and bliss.  Once the heart is drenched by the soul through spiritual practice from any path of light, there is no longer the feeling of being cut off from our true being.  The heart is refreshed and nourished by love and guidance that mysteriously drizzles and finally downpours upon daily life and living.

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