Spirit and Spirituality:The Essential Root of Consciousness

Behind all names and forms of seeming solidness is what is known as primordial Source.  For centuries it has been called God, Spirit, Nature, Self, Creator, Father/Mother/Son and infinite other names.

Source, the origin of Source and all is the greatest mystery that is beyond and yet within the conscious grasp of our minds.

However the essence of these concepts and descriptions is that actually Source really ultimately has no name or form and there is really no description.

Whatever attempts to describe Source are limited.  Can anyone describe the taste of honey or sugar?

Only when one experiences this taste and any other can one know what that taste is. 

The Source is also like that.  It just simply is.  It is an infinite presence, invisible yet tangible.  From its own infinite fullness it creates more fullness.  And yet, if some of this fullness is seemingly diminished it is remains forever full.

There is no beginning or end to Source.  It is both invisible and visible.  Although words are limited, it is a consciousness that is the origin of all and yet is the primordial energy manifestation of all.

Contemplating Source can go on forever.  The limited human mind cannot fully grasp its full essence but can come closer and closer to the Source because we are also Source,

And so, Source, Spirit and Spirituality are  the essential root of all consciousness–knowingly and unknowingly—our consciousness with all its workings are thus Source in the ultimate sense as we are extensions of this Source.  Whatever is happening inside us is a microcosm of the same principles of what is happening in the seen and unseen Universe.

And this is one of the greatest mysteries to reflect upon and contemplate.