Mission Statement

MMission Statement

 To disseminate Hindu Dharma through the cornucopia of Hindu knowledge and experience of enlightened health, healing, Medicine, and Spirituality

 To foster complete miracle level healing and enlightenment on all levels through a unique healing energy signature, never before known on Mother Earth to those who enter her sacred portals

  To awaken, unfold, and restore unconditional love within the aurora of the heart to realize and remember that love is the ultimate healer

 To concentrate and manifest the infinite power of the Divine Light through sacred Hindu healing deity archetypes and to reestablish their presence and blessings upon Mother Earth and her inhabitants including all sentient and non sentient beings.

 To revive and revel in the most esoteric, spiritually sacred practices and rituals of Ayurveda, long forgotten, now reemerging in the New Golden Age for healing, enlightenment, health and Medicine

 To unite the three rarely known divine healing Hindu archetypes:  within one sacred temple complex: Vaidyanath Shiva, Dhanvantari and  Kundalini Shakti/Arogya Durga —– to manifest and invoke their tri-fold infinite power for the healing of mankind and planet Earth

 To honor the lesser known and understood celestial and Siddha Avatar physicians of yester-year and yore, the spritely elementals, the medicine power of the Divine Mother, the wise Navagrahas, as well as the celestial guardians and custodians of health, healing, Medicine and Spirituality

 To integrate and recognize the supreme importance of honoring the deities of abundance and wisdom/education/creativity as well as obstacle removal as essential to one’s healing processTo foster optimal healing of humanity’s genetic lineages so that their descendants and ancestors enlighten through freedom from disease and suffering

 To uniquely worship and invoke the powers of Kundalini Shakti, Arogya  Durga, and the Ten Mahavidyas and other warrior goddesses as an integral part of remembering that the core of healing is ultimately the awakening, unfolding and expression of the Divine Shakti or play of consciousness within

 To create and fund global service projects that incorporate the themes of Hindu healing and thought for present and future generations of Hindus around the world and in other worlds

To serve as a beacon of hope, strength, inspiration, and experience through the power and wisdom of education and knowledge on the Hindu principles of natural health, healing, Spirituality and Medicine