The Aurora Arogya Healing Temple, inspired by the vision of Rama Pemmaraju Rao MD, will be one of the most unique and most remarkable Hindu temples in the world today. 

This temple is the manifestation of Dr. Rama’s lifelong and past life vision to bring down to Earth a temple of miracle level healing, rarely seen even within the subcontinent of India.

It houses with humility the archetypal deities for health, healing, and the Spirituality of Medicine.  Its name Aurora Arogya means freedom from disease and the remembrance of enlightenment through the manifestation of the Divine inner Light.

It differs from most Hindu Temples around the world.  Most temples have focused on the energies of the traditional deities and have mostly centered on themes of prosperity, family life, general life and living, education, through the various deities and archetypes with their related activities and rituals favored in popular Hinduism.

Dr. Rama’s Aurora Arogya–Temple—houses rarer archetypal deities and energies, long forgotten, unknown or lesser known and even neglected in Hinduism that relate to all aspects of health, healing and enlightenment.

His inspiration seeks to revive and refresh humanity’s knowledge and healing through the invocation of the latent, hidden powers that were originally known and described within Ancient Esoteric Ayurveda Medicine that are often not deeply incorporated in modern Ayurveda clinics and hospitals.  And, his vision is to awaken mankind to the notion that true enlightenment is only possible through the marriage of Spiritual practice and pure Grace of the Divine along with the steps needed for  optimal physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.  According to Dr. Rama, “True health is wealth and true wealth is enlightenment…..”

Today’s Ayurveda, while it maintains its standards based in ancient protocols, rarely practices and invokes very deep ancient ritual practices; and thus, does not sometimes invite the energies of Miracle Level healing on all levels through lesser known ancient healing archetypes and the latent power within the energies of various healing elements that exist through invoking such powers in traditional ritual.

According to Dr. Rama, “True health is wealth and true wealth is enlightenment…..”

Secondly, today’s Ayurveda clinics and hospitals may not be going deep enough to invoke the power of miracle level healing along with their  traditional physical healing methods, herbal protocols and other manual procedures. Although they also use various Spiritual and physical methods, there is no place in the Western Hemisphere as yet that blends the deepest spiritual practices and invocation of archetypal deities and energies that deeply invoke the sacred life force itself to afford optimal healing.

Thirdly, there is no comprehensive deeply spiritual atmosphere in the Western hemisphere that thoroughly combines the enormous Spiritual Medical power that is generated from the activities and intention from his temple along with a comprehensive medical campus that houses Eastern and Western clinical facilities.

Dr. Rama’s temple brings together in an elegant and inspiring manner the elements, energies, and archetypal deity powers that afford integrated healing of mind, body and Spirit, and thus the state of enlightenment itself.

Setting and Layout

His intention is to bring this temple into manifestation in the surrounding North Texas or Austin areas along with his unique medical campus; although, really it can be in any state conducive to natural Medicine and practices under their laws, dictates and mandates.  Warmer climates are preferred.  He visualizes a lake front and wooded area with some rolling hills that is not too remote to be accessible to a main city.  He notices that many temples around the USA are in areas that seem less aesthetic and are in less naturally beautiful landscapes, something he feels is vital for inspiration and healing.  The temple outer architecture will be designed in a simple but elegant Oriental sweep or will model after the South Indian or Sri Lankan platform style, almost flat pyramid shaped buildings that were also part of ancient Kumari Kandam, —thus reflecting the style of ancient Lemurian buildings……

This healing temple is situated adjacent to his unique, comprehensive medical main campus or in very close proximity to gather the intention and Sankalpa for complete miracle level healing and health care.

In vision and intention, he has seen this temple laid out in a “Star of David” or the shape of two inverted triangles which also correspond to the upper firmament of the Sahasrar Chakra.

General Temple Atmosphere and Description

Unlike most Hindu temples which are often family oriented, noisy, crowded and confusing atmospheres, and contain scattered energies despite the  noble and honorable spiritual efforts generated–Dr. Rama’s temple is quietly serene and serenely quiet. Its power of stillness draws forward the intention of the Divine Source for miracle level healing. It houses traditional Veda and rare Ayurveda rituals to generate the enormous spiritual power that pervades this temple and medical campus atmosphere.  It is a place of refuge and quiet meditation, along with disciplined and organized active worship and a place where the focus is on medical healing at all levels:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Dr. Rama prefers that each archetypal deity be respected by having enough room for a group of at least 25 to 50 at a time to comfortably accommodate each room to appreciate the rituals, atmosphere and methods of worship and intention for each sacred manifestation. The other purpose for separate rooms is to afford the opportunity for QUIET meditation and prayer, often missing in today’s boisterous temples….

And so, he envisions that each archetype or spiritual representation be housed in individual rooms rather than in crowded close proximity and “boxed in” closed, cramped— altars and shrines as in most temples, today. 

There will be a more open feeling in each room–and thus a sky window roof area will allow natural light to also flow into each room.  

Each room contains the main image for traditional worship in South Indian stonethe marble image for North Indian inspiration, a hologram of light of the deity, and a beautiful picture of where that deity and energy reside within the human chakra system through an explanatory painting or inspiring diagram.  The idea is to educate and take a person from the most gross level of worship into the deepest significance within their own body and energy system to afford optimal awakening and understanding of healing.

Each room contains a state of the art, synchronized  technology for timers set to the Earth Day and Night Moon cycles—- and all that will synchronize lighting, sound, flat screen TV and computer and other details that will provide the various sahasranamas, other chants or images that will continually run with English subtitles during times when ritual worship is not active and throughout the night to charge each room with intention and powerful energy as well at astrologically calculated times. Each room houses the main deity or archetype in the center of the room for an almost 360 degree view—along with all of their incarnations and manifestations in Utsava form along the side walls, presented in an artistically inspiring manner.

View the Architect’s renderings of the Temple