The Shri Aurora Path Foundation is the charitable organization for the Shri Aurora Path,  the AuroraVeda Product Company,  Aurora Yoga and Dr. Pemmaraju’s Campus for Enlightened Medicine, Health, Healing and Creativity.

It is a foundation that strives to create harmony, happiness, and global support through charitable contributions and services to those in need, particularly focused in the Western Hemisphere.

It is primarily focused on compassion and mercy and represents “love in action” teaching of the Shri Aurora Path itself through these specific charitable endeavors:

 1. Charitable contributions to create, expand and maintain The Aurora Arogya Hindu Healing Temple and Universal Temple – a unique wonder and marvel complex of rare Hindu healing deities, ritual and practice designed to create spontaneous healing for those who visit and who attend services and activities upon its sacred space.

 2.  Charitable contributions to create funds and services for the rehabilitation, rescue and recovery of animals and plants, domesticated and wild.

 3.  Contributions for scholarships for those in the creative arts in need of funding for school and creative project ideas.

 4.  Contributions to create a global network of new schools for students online that bypass the public school system by offering more unique, holistic and complete teaching and experience.

 5. Contribution streams and program development for ex-convicts and felons for support and help in finding a new life and job despite criminal past records and issues.

 6.  Pensions and dormitory style living for gifted women and men with healing and psychic powers and abilities who have reached their 5th decade and above but who are unable to meet their basic expenses and have not succeeded in gaining material basic security.  These pensions are to help them gain stability and security so that they can focus on their healing gifts to humanity

 7.  Contribution streams for innovative eco-friendly building products for housing for the disadvantaged

 8. Contributions to develop vegan sources of foods

 9. Contributions to develop inner urban hydroponics, gardens and education on vegan diets

 10. Charitable contributions and distributions for food, clothes, medicines for those unable to afford and who are falling through the Medicaid system

11.  Contributions for those companies who are creating unique recycling efforts to clean up planet earth in a variety of biospheres and settings.

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