Much Work Needs To Be Done With Character Work and Personal Therapy Issues In An Enlightened Medicine Paradigm.

I have found in spiritual paths of all kinds that while there are many sets of practices, discussion and guidelines about the “do’s and don’ts in life (if that even exists in a higher sense—)–ways of living suggestions as well as many spiritual practices, I have still found is that deeper therapy work –in a group setting and all is not always present. 

The near future of spiritual paths incorporating direct medical, complimentary and Spiritual practices I feel has to build deep character and therapy work into the fabric of these new kinds of spiritual paths.

Too often therapy is something outside of a medical setting that one has to find on their own–and again is often I have found not well connected with an integrative approach.

Small groups are vital to discuss many many dimensions of clients concerns, conflicts, wounds, relatedness–character and personality traits and how all these affect health and spirituality.

There is a phenomenon called “spiritual bypassing” where, in the name of Spirituality, basic therapy and inner problems are not deeply addressed and healed.  People are seeking miracle experiences, deep meditations, inner awakenings–healing and clearances–they are “dancing in the Light–allegedly –and yet when conversing there is the energy of immense baggage that yet has to be healed and resolved over time –and on the conventional medicine side–it could be called “issue bypassing”-want quick fixes to deep rooted emotional and mental and spiritual issues that take shape through various diseases.

And so Enlightened Medicine strives to find a way to deeply incorporate a real catalyst and vehicle for deep character transformation, introspection, contemplation—along with the resolution and frank discussion of myriad inner therapy issues—-through many forms of basic and novel therapy –designed to help and assist with character healing, development, transformation, understanding and growth.

Its all to transform mind, awaken heart and honor the body to rediscover the deep hidden Spirit within.