With increasing consciousness of compassion and love upon the planet, more and more people are moving toward at least a partial vegan diet.

The reasons are many.  Foremost, it is for compassion of animals that globally are systematically slaughtered through coveted inhumane methods and endure untold suffering.  This alone is one reason to at least make a decision or choice as to whether to continue the hypnosis and conditioning of eating meat.  Of course it is a personal decision.

Secondly, there are many many health reasons for following a partial or full vegan diet.  Physicians have the opportunity to become advocates of this –as they awaken into more compassion to understand the sentient nature of animals –and thus promote the healthy aspects of Veganism.  However such physicians have to have a holistic interest and of course practice and imbibe this kind of thinking.

Then there is the metaphysical reasons that many will agree and many will disagree or simply not know.

And that is the suffering of animals that we ingest creates negative karma.  Of course as humans food is a requirement and yes there is some issues with the sacrifice of plants and all, but those higher beings that are more conscious —reaps more negative karma by ingesting them through their suffering.

This suffering karma is a subtle energy that remains within the meat.  Over many years or lifetimes, sooner or later this suffering gets embedded within our auric field.  And this suffering of eating animals will come back to us as our own suffering.

That is partly why many suffer and do not know why.  It is not the only reason but it is one that is part of the picture.—

However what I have just written is part of ancient enlightened thinking and many may or may not accept this—again all free will choices are made.

And so in today’s world I feel that more vegan choices need to be developed and created.

This means exploring any and all nuts legumes, lentils, beans, and grains –along with vegetables around the world to make the best satisfying dishes.  It means using spices and all from around the world to keep the creative cuisine a unique experience for mind, heart and body.

There are hundreds and hundreds of products that are imitation meat.  This is interesting because some vegans or vegetarians use these as meat substitutes. 

The funny thing is why then keep that taste of meat? This is a complex question.

I do not have the full answer other than the taste and texture of meat is still within our brain programming.

We are evolving as a species and at least using vegan sources for this taste and texture is one step toward gradually reducing animal consumption for the same tastes and textures that meat give to us.

And yet can we also somehow evolve above and beyond that need for its taste and texture?