When one goes out to restaurants and all, there are more vegetarian and vegan items. More and more places have a vegan menu for example, and some items are tasty.  Many main stream places, still do not keep or use the textured vegetable protein meats that substitute for that juicy, freshly killed steak…..:). 

Yet still I find it is a predominately meat world.  Many of these restaurant dishes still however mainly consist of vegetables, beans and related foods–that may or may not fully satisfy—along with some containing still dairy and eggs.  Sometimes the portion of beans, legumes, and all are not in harmony with recommended ancient texts to afford the best digestion and taste.

It would be nice to see very high style and world class Vegan restaurants, chains, health fast foods bakeries, store fronts and all.  I saw recently saw on Face book a completely Vegan “butcher shop” —that contains any and all Vegan meats one could think of.

Airports are often the worst.  Even most Chinese food in airports will not serve tofu in their vegetables as it does not sell but have elaborate meat dishes.

And what is interesting is that many places have no substitutes for Vegan sandwiches except lettuce and tomato and sometimes dairy cheese.

Most places that serve standard American foods—one is limited to a grilled cheese sandwich and a few side vegetables.

Many cafeterias still soak their vegetables in bacon and pork.  Soups are often meat based.

Desserts are standard egg based.

The key is what percent of Vegan items sell in the regular restaurant business and all and which do not.

Also, to get the widest variety of restaurant foods, one has to go to a predominately Vegan or completely restaurant.  Investors and all sometimes hesitate because if completely Vegan it only appeals to certain population.

Many are out of the way and their ambiance and atmosphere in my opinion are not that great.

I have seen in Colorado, companies that are taking plant proteins and through technology and processes are really producing identical Vegan alternative meats that completely taste and feel upon one’s palate —the real taste of meat—far superior to the present industry.

Many Vegan grocery products have a widely different taste and ingredients.  Much effort has to be put in by the consumer to experience taste and texture and give a thumbs up or down on a product.

If one goes to a Natural Grocery store one is inundated with many myriad products that can be overwhelming to choose from.

Drinks are often almond, oat, rice, soy, flax and hemp based—and tastes highly vary.  Many brands are not thick enough and taste very watery and bland.  One has to use caution because many are sweetened with brown rice syrup and all which can be a highly glycemic food that makes our blood sugar surge.  Unsweetened is safest for most.

In my opinion soy is still a whole and nutritious food.  Billions of people have thrived on soy—and soy based foods, but in the West, soy sometimes gets a bad wrap.

Soy products that are not textured soy–mainly are tofu and tempeh.  –Which can become boring and dissatisfying after some time.

What I feel is still untapped are the wide variety of beans, legumes, lentils from around the world that are not utilized to create completely new textures and tastes that have nothing to do with meat tastes as main courses!.   The combinations are endless –it will take funding, ingenuity, creativity and science to really develop these new forms of foods that again are all plant based.

Our world is insane sometimes it seems.  I recently have seen decisions being made to slaughter at least 45,000 wild horses in the West to make room for enormous beef raising areas.  This is truly sad and again attests for the world craving for meat.

It is said that  Veganism is increasing, but is it really?  I want to study the statistics if there are to really understand all this.

More next time.